“I always carry hand lotion with me – my favourite is FARMERS’ Hand Cream”

Photographer and Model Helena Christensen, in You Magazine.

And in Stylist Magazine Helena called Farmers’ Hand Cream:

“My secret weapon…I buy four or five at a time and give a few away to friends, as they always comment on what a delicious scent it is…I use it on my hands and neck as it hydrates wonderfully.

“Worth swinging by FARMERS’ rustic little shop. Come here for reusable tins of hand cream and lip balms… and even slabs of lavender chocolate.”

Tatler Magazine’s list of boutiques not to miss about our Welsh gift shop.

“I love the simplicity of the packaging. The lavender hand cream has an almost whipped consistency that blends seamlessly into your hands leaving a subtle lavender scent with a twist of mint. It’s naturally really rich and nourishing – a perfect piece to pop by the kitchen sink.”

Harri Davison, Cardiff Blogger, about FARMERS’ Hand Cream.

“I was exhausted, aching and felt like I was coming down with something. I ran a hot, deep bath, poured in the salts, got in and lay there. It really is an amazing spa. I slept like I haven’t done in years and still felt amazing the next day.”

Magda Devaris, Shopkeeper, Forest Row about FARMERS’ Salt Soak

“I bought your face cream on a whim in Portland, Maine in a small boutique. I am so glad I did! My skin feels so lovely with your creams.”

“I have very sensitive and dry skin, which causes me great discomfort. This cream was a splendid find, it is healing and keeps my skin feeling fresh and supple, causing a sensation of well-being. Excellent product! Thank you.”

Silvia Arcos Valcárcel, Buenos Aires

“Today, visiting a farm shop I bought your delightfully scented products. The aroma lifts my senses each morning after my shower using All Over Wash and the lotion is really lovely. Such lovely products.”

Elisabeth Wye, Walker, Theatre goer, Lay minister C of E about FARMERS’ All Over Wash and Body lotion

“The scent of FARMERS’ Hand Cream gives me an instant boost.”

BBC presenter Mishal Husain was asked by Good Housekeeping Magazine what always lifts her out of a mood.

“How marvellous the FARMERS’ Face Cream is! Over the years I have tried all sorts of expensive concoctions and I have to say this is the best I have ever used. My skin is in better shape than ever before.”

Farmer Barbara Kingsley-Monks about FARMERS’ Face Cream.

“I recently ordered some hand cream from you and you (very kindly) also sent me some hand sanitiser which smells amazing!

As I mentioned in my order I am a vet and find the cream really good for my hands/ arms at this time of year.

I have attached some pictures to show the difference the cream can make over a short period of time. The first 2 were taken last night, and the second lot this morning after plastering the cream on last night.”

Vet Beth Stephens about FARMERS’ hand cream.

“I just love the rich and soothing quality of your face cream, and it’s only when people started mentioning – unprompted – that my skin was looking better than it had in years that I fully appreciated the effect on my rosacea. I’d tried lots of creams and medications over the years and this is the first time anything has worked.”

Elizabeth Waugh, Walker, Reader, Mother, about FARMERS’ Face Cream.

“After giving both legs and feet a good five minute massage with FARMERS’ foot cream, I proceeded to the start of the Welsh cross country championship in Swansea and – much to my surprise – I struck gold!”

Martin Shaw, Champion Hill Runner about FARMERS’ Foot Cream.

“Used the lavender exfoliating cleansing scrub on my man-face last night, it was wonderful. Haven’t felt such clean pores in months.”

Roger Morier, World Traveller about FARMERS’ Scrub

“Suffice to say the lotion is a hit: 1. Love the smell – reminds me of barley sugar 2. Goes on, spreads and absorbs well 3. Great consistency – neither too light nor greasy”

Myfanwy Brewster about FARMERS’ Body Lotion

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for the lovely visit I had to your farm on Sunday. I’ve been wanting to come for a while, ever since I got hooked on your hand cream.  You have a wonderful place and the feeling of welcome and sharing and just being able to wander around, have a swim in the pond and enjoy the peace and wildlife was fabulous – as was the cake…!

R Falvey, Caerdydd about visiting our lavender farm

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