Pantechnicon Powys, or J Rutter Removals as it was called originally, showed up on the farm in the nineties when the late Morgan Price, a shepherd, used it as a storage shed.

A few years ago two of the FARMERS’ team, Ed and Cat, came up with the idea of turning the truck into a little house. A clever team of craftspeople assembled to do just that. Ed and Cat thought a double bed might fit in the Luton end of the truck up above where the driver would have sat. Turns out it’s big enough for a king size mattress.

You can now stay in style at FARMERS’ in this stylishly renovated pantechnicon and enjoy the lavender farm year round on our wild Welsh hillside, just 10 miles north of the Brecon Beacons and 20 miles west of Hay on Wye. Fitted with its own kitchen and bathroom and positioned alongside the FARMERS’ essential oil distillery and shop, Pantechnicon Powys has everything you need for a great escape indoors and out.

Enjoy long lie-ins in the big bed with far-reaching views down the valley.

On arrival guests will find fresh bread, butter, milk, tea, coffee and a bottle of wine. See Bill for additional bottles as required.

There’s much to do here. Swim in the farm’s hillside pond at 1100 feet, walk in the fields and around the farm and venture further out onto the expansive wilderness of Mynydd Epynt.

Learn how lavender is grown and essential oil is distilled on a self-guided tour.

Try and buy FARMERS’ creams and balms along with a range of carefully selected local makers’ wares in the farm shop open daily from 10-5.

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