Details of our farming practices, ingredients and packaging

Our farm itself is a prime example of a sustainable business. We are creating work for today and future generations. We are experimental and interested in diversity. In 2003 we became the first to grow lavender in Wales on a field scale. As a result of our lobbying, the Welsh Assembly now recognises lavender as a crop. We have paved the way for other growers. Our farm is open to all and is often used as a place of learning. We are heralded as a viable example of a successful rural enterprise. Black Mountains College uses our farm to teach coppicing and regenerative horticulture.

We work in partnership with local makers to produce a range of sustainable goods and promote their work through our summer and winter markets.


Our lavender fields are tended by hand with no use of chemicals.

All products are hand made in Wales using low tech equipment with a very low carbon foot print.

Our packaging is up cycled, recycled or recyclable.

We offer refills in our stores on the farm and in Hay-on-Wye.

Our growing methods focus on improving the soil by adding organic matter through mulching and minimal cultivation. We compost and reuse materials wherever possible using three composting areas around the farm. Each year we allow areas of the farm to re-wild encouraging wild flowers and wildlife, including around the natural swimming pond and orchards.

In the summer of 2022 we experimented with distillation of pelargonium graveolens of the geranium family. We will continue to experiment with this in 2023.


Honey from our own beehives is an ingredient in the balms we make and is only taken when there is plenty of excess.

All body care products, apart from our balms, are vegan.

Our lavender distillate – the by product in the essential oil distillation process – is used in the making of hand sanitiser and pillow spray.

The lavender we distil on the farm is a key ingredient in many of our products.

Other oils used in the making of our products are acquired from UK family run businesses sourcing oils from distillers and co-operatives they’ve worked with over many years.

Shea butter is organic and fair traded.

We buy our organic cocoa butter from a Cooperative Multipurpose Society which aims to reduce poverty for producers in developing countries.

Oils such as coconut, organic sunflower and infused oils – calendula, nettle and carrot – are from crops with a low environmental impact.

Rosemary and peppermint essential oils are made from UK grown bee friendly crops in Norfolk.

Other oils such as lemongrass and eucalyptus have low environmental impact. Salt in our bath soak is from Halen Mon, Anglesey.

We use palm free vegetable glycerine.

Emulsifiers include palm oil derivatives and we ensure that any palm oil used in their production is RSPO certified. RSPO is the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, set up in 2004, to promote and monitor sustainable palm oil.


Please re-use them or recycle them. See how below.


Most FARMERS’ body care products are packed in highly recyclable aluminium jars and lids which are manufactured in London. Aluminium does not lose its properties over time. It is infinitely recyclable. It is the most recycled material in Europe.

HDPE Plastic

FARMERS’ Body lotion is in an HDPE bottle. HDPE stands for High-density polyethylene. A very large per cent of this bottle – up to 99% – has been used before. It might have been a milk bottle, a laundry detergent container or a toy in its past life.

PET Plastic

FARMERS’ Body Wash is in a PET bottle. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is the most recyclable product in the world. It’s strong and unbreakable making it safe to use in the shower. New technology now allows PET to be recycled into food packaging, milk bottles, shampoo and cleaning product bottles. When recycling these bottles please separate the pump from the bottle. As of May 2020 this will be UK law.

If you cannot recycle a FARMERS’ container please return it to us.
In exchange we’ll give you a code for ten percent off your next online purchase.

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