Details of our recyclable packaging, why all our products except our balms are vegan, and our farming practices.


Please re-use them or recycle them. See how below.


Most FARMERS’ body care products are packed in highly recyclable aluminium jars and lids which are manufactured in London.
Aluminium does not lose its properties over time. It is infinitely recyclable. It is the most recycled material in Europe.

HDPE Plastic

FARMERS’ Body lotion is in an HDPE bottle. HDPE stands for High-density polyethylene. A very large per cent of this bottle – up to 99% – has been used before. It might have been a milk bottle, a laundry detergent container or a toy in its past life.

If you cannot recycle a FARMERS’ container please return it to us. In exchange we’ll give you a code for ten percent off your next online purchase.

All Over Wash for hair, hands & body

PET Plastic

FARMERS’ Body Wash is in a PET bottle. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is the most recyclable product in the world. It’s strong and unbreakable making it safe to use in the shower. New technology now allows PET to be recycled into food packaging, milk bottles, shampoo and cleaning product bottles.

When recycling these bottles please separate the pump from the bottle. As of May 2020 this will be UK law.


All of FARMERS’ body care products are vegan with the exception of the balms as they contain honey and bees wax. The honey comes from bees kept in our lavender fields on the farm and honey is only harvested when there is excess.

Bees wax is sourced from a variety of small scale, independent beekeepers. The bees are wild and the wax is a natural bi-product of their lives. Since the wax is formed during hive formation, the means of harvesting does not have a detrimental effect on this process, or welfare of the bees. There is minimal or no disruption to their natural routine.

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Our FARMERS’ chocolate bar made by Forever cacao is vegan.


The lavender grows naturally on our Welsh hillside without the use of any pesticides or herbicides.

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