AWAKE BALM 30ml healing salve


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Perky scented, energising and uplifting Awake balm was born out of a FARMERS’ collaboration with Ace Hotel. They wanted a pick me up for the tired traveller.  Awake is just that.  It starts with a sweet almond oil and avocado butter base with honey and finishes with an uplifting combination of peppermint, eucalyptus and lemongrass oils to sharpen the senses.  Awake heals, conditions lips and smooths cuticles.  A tiny lashing tames an unruly eyebrow or softens a beard. Keep it handy for a sniff to help you stay awake.

The tiniest amount goes a long way.

The honey comes from the fields at Welsh Lavender and is only harvested when there is excess.  The bees wax is sourced from a variety of small scale, independent, thoughtful beekeepers.


Ben Miller, Goods, Ace Hotel:  Perfect remedies after a day of travel.

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