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This nourishing, natural lavender lip balm for dry or chapped lips is made with FARMERS’ own essential lavender oil, honey from the farm’s bee hives (only when the bees have extra to share) and a mild hint of lime. This natural lavender lip balm keeps lips kissable and in good condition.  This balm delivers results, healing chapped and dry lips quickly.

The bees wax is sourced from a variety of small scale, independent beekeepers.  The bees are wild and the wax is a natural by-product of their lives. Since the wax is formed during hive formation, the means of harvesting does not have a detrimental effect on this process or welfare of the bees. There is minimal or no disruption to their natural routine.


I’m a bit of a lip balm fiend, so I couldn’t leave without the “farmers lip balm”. Again, the packaging is so me, it’ll look perfect sat on my bedside table for an urgent lip SOS. Like the hand cream, the lip balm has a fresh lavender scent, this time with a refreshing citrus hint. It feels perfectly nutritious on the lips and would make a great base for lipstick. Harri Davison, Cardiff Blogger

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