The FARMERS’ JACKET is designed and made in Wales for FARMERS’ with great attention to detail by Emily James of Carpenter and Cloth. The cloth is a sturdy organic cotton with linen trim and the buttons are made of wood. The seams are beautifully finished and a tab inside offers the option of gathering in the rear waistline. The relaxed fit allows for the wearing of a jumper on a cool evening and the pockets are deep. Each jacket is signed and numbered by Emily.

Emily says, “For the FARMERS’ Jacket, I have chosen a durable organic cotton in the same pale blue as the lavender distilled on the farm at Welsh Lavender. I love the weave of the cloth, the gorgeous little nubs of cotton and the fine almost golden thread that runs through it. The organic linen I’ve used to line the collar and finish the inner seams picks up this colour as do my hand dyed wooden buttons. I am proud of this article of genuine craft clothing. May it last you a lifetime. I offer a repair service whether it’s the replacement of a button or a major renovation.”

Dimensions in CM

Width (armpit to armpit) x Length (collar to bottom hem) x Sleeve (shoulder to cuff)


Medium Regular W57 x L74 x S64cm

Medium Long W57 x L79 x S67cm

Large Regular W59 x L74 x S64cm

Large Long W61 x L81 x S69cm

XL Long W64 x L83 x S71cm


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