FARMERS’ 3 in 1 – For people, pillows & places


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Sensational 3 in 1 spray for people, pillows and places. At FARMERS’ we spritz onto our bodies, pillows and into the linen cupboard. In fact anywhere you fancy. Fresh, calming and soothing with the same essential oil blend as FARMERS’ popular ALL OVER WASH with the addition of our softening lavender floral water.

“The Farmers’ scent has a mysterious quality about it – you can’t quite define it so you keep sniffing and taking it in. Then, lo and behold, you’re in slumberland!” Diane, Toronto

“According to my Fitbit since using 3 in 1 spray I am falling into a deep sleep in 8 to 10 minutes, a vast improvement.  Before it took 30 to 40 minutes. My deep sleep has also improved making me feel much more refreshed in the morning.  The spray fills the bedroom with an amazing complex set of scents.”
Sean, Kent

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